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Some of the amazing Products that I have worked on include Pals Agri, Diva Luxury, Ritiko.

Progressive Frontend development approach inspired by 👉 this short technical doc idea.

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A Social Micro-blogging site where you can share ridiculous knowledge, yet a fact. Building this to learn Firebase. Have fun!

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Beautiful Refreshed VS Code Dark Theme extension for VS Code Night Mode lovers!

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Progressive Web Apps code snippets extension; build Progressive Web Apps on the go in VS Code. Currently used by 1500 active software developers across the world!

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GDG Eldoret official devsite. About, past events, success stories, next events.

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Currently working on SheHacks Kenya Community Platform. Coming up is a community membership directory.

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Tiny Eleventy dev blog template, free for clone! Enjoy!

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A Firebase Cloud Firestore - Progressive Web App illustration!

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All my other open source projects are available on this repo.

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