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What Technology Means To Me

This article was published a year ago. It is an overview of an interview I had with Microsoft 4Afrika on what Technology means to me as a young African Technologist and Microsoft Internship Graduate.

​Technology, Talent and Skills

Technology means a world full of opportunities. It is an enabler to scale up our skills and talents. To allow us be creative and build solutions around our skills and talents. Allow us to effectively apply our talents and skills we learn every day in a more creative way.

Technology means a lot. Whether applied or integrated in education, business or workwise, it gives you the potential to be more productive and creative. It’s an acceleration to self-development and progress.

If you aren’t afraid of being creative, then technology should help you build amazing solutions for problems you, your family, friends and the entire society face daily. This applies across the three aspects of life, that is;

Technology is a whole package of in-demand skills that enable you to change not only your life, but the lives of people around you, making a real impact on the local and global stage through your creative interaction with it.

With billions of people connected on the internet today, technology means a whole world of opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Today people interact with Technology in almost everything. It’s a tool that has made people more useful, saved time and even inspired people to be more creative and innovating in applying it in all fields every single day.

How has tech changed my life?

It's beautiful how you could just sit down with your computer and create "something" that could make people's lives better. The level of curiosity that technolgy gives you as a software engineer just makes you "this really cool human. "

What would I like to see people doing with technology?

I want to see people embracing it. Taking it as an enabler to make them more productive. Technology is available for adpotion everywhere. Anything you can think of.