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Unlocking New Web Capabilities

I had an opportunity to give a Developer Keynote on Web about New Web Capabilities and what's yet to be Unlocked and how Google is working to achieve this at Google IO Extended Nairobi.

Web Apps should be able to do anything native apps can. Unlocking new capabilities (the app gap) takes time but when we do, it is for all platforms i.e web and desktop.

Making Web Apps do anything native apps can do means that we need to make it even much more safe by maintaining user security, privacy, trust and other core tenets of the web.

The Web is getting magical. It's really impresssive what the app-like web can do today. We're seeing a more powerful Web that's powering apps that are cross-platform, cross-browser and from one codebase.

1. Keeping the Web Instant, Powerful and Safe

During the web keynote, we had amazing announcements by the Chrome Team on what they're doing to make the Web Instant, Powerful and Safe and here is an overview.

Instant - Features like prefetch, preload, lazy loading, portals got higlighted.

<img src="images/lazyload.jpg" loading="lazy" alt="lazy loading is here">

Powerful - The Assistant coming into the web and web gaming just got onto another level - have a look at

Safe - HTTPS by default on Chrome Browser was key here. Fingerprinting protections, Web Authentication API (WebAuthn). authentication onto the Web.

2. The New Web Capabilities

Read more about this project on Google Developer Devsite available here and try out the New Capablities Codelabs as well. Watch the Google IO Web Keynote for a deep dive!

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