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Destructuring Objects In ES6

Destructuring is an ES6 expression that makes it possible to unpack values from arrays, or properties from objects, into distinct variables.

An illustration with objects

Have a look at the following user object.

 // a user object
 const user = {
   name : "Maye Edwin",
   username : "mayeedwin",
   verified: true,
   social : {
     twitter: "mayeedwin1",
     github: "mayeedwin",
     site: ""

Normally, if you wanted to access and use any key value, below is what you'd do.

 // print - name, username, site
   Name : ${}
   Username : ${user.username}
   Twitter : ${}
   Site: ${}

This kind of repetition of calling the object gets pretty unnecessary. Below is how to destructure the object.

Note : Having curly bracket on the left of the equals sign is the new destructuring syntax.

 // get name and username first
 const {name, username} = user;
 // get the nested social object values on user object
 const {twitter, site} =;

Now we can print our values as shown below.

// printing user after destructuring
   Name : ${name}
   Username : ${username}
   Twitter : ${twitter}
   Site: ${site}

Happy coding! Read more about destructuring here by Mozilla docs.

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