Building Progressive Web Apps With PWA Fire Developer Resources

An overview of how best to use developer resources to kick-start or advance your Progressive Web Apps journey.

Unlocking New Web Capablities Keeping The Web Instant, Powerful and Safe.

Web Apps should be able to do anything native apps can. Unlocking new capabilities (the app gap) takes time but when we do, it is for all platforms i.e web and desktop.

The State Of Desktop Progressive Web Apps

Desktop Progressive Web Apps are now supported on all desktop platforms, including Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows in Chrome version 73 and above.

Assigning Roles To Users With Cloud Firestore Security Rules In Firebase

Cloud Firestore Security Rules provide access control and data validation in a simple yet expressive format. This small article shows you how to grant roles to users in Firestore.

Using Timestamp To Filter And Order Firebase Cloud Firestore Documents

A firebase devdoc guide on how to filter and order firebase cloud firestore documents. Had been quite a headache to myself and even stackoverflow couldn't help at all.

New Compassionate Tech And Software Engineering Values

The best thing to understand as a software engineer or developer is that it doesn't cost you anything being more compassionate within the tech ecosytem.

Being A Compassionate Software Developer And Engineer

Show compassion in how you write code; how you name variables, comment code and document it. The best thing to do for future reference and people who would look at your code.

Preload Critical Resources To Improve Loading Speed

Speed is critical when we think of web performance and that means on first page load on your web app, a user expects to see “something” asap; and not just something but meaningful content.

speed preload pwafetch js css html

Introducing Progressive Web User Interface

We've had amazing stories so far with Progressive Web Apps and that's just great. They work for every user, regardless of browser choice because they're built with progressive enhancement as a core principle.

My First VS Code Extension — Code Refresh Theme

Code Refresh is a beautiful refreshed VS Code Color Theme with pretty cool features. Here are installation and how to contribute guide.

Tips For Succesful Developer Community Leaders

Any existence of a developer community or just communities is to allow people with same interest to connect, share anything on a common subject and learn from each other.

What Technology Means To Me

If you aren’t afraid of being creative, then technology should help you build amazing solutions for problems you, your family, friends and the entire society face daily.

Introduction To Background Sync

Service workers solve the page loading part by letting you serve content from a cache. But what about when the page needs to send something to the server?