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The State Of Desktop Progressive Web Apps

Desktop Progressive Web Apps are now supported on all desktop platforms, including Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows in Chrome version 73 + and in Chromium Microsoft Edge.

Desktop PWAs have the same benefits that PWAs have on your mobile devices. They work offline, installable and with all capabilities desktop applications have.

They are launched from the same place as other desktop apps, and they run in an app window, without tabs or an address bar.

✅ ​Installing in Google Chrome

To install Desktop PWAs on Google Chrome, you have to head to the Menu (the three dots) and install your PWA currently as shown in this dev doc.

What's coming next?

Omnibox (+) - An icon in the address bar to let users know that your PWA can be installed. This is already available in the Chromium Powered Edge and will be available in Google Chrome soon enough.

Omnibox in Microsoft Edge Dev

​✅ Installing in Microsoft Edge Dev

Installing Desktop PWAs in Microsoft Edge Dev is now even much easier. The omnibox badge is already in action and that's just incredible.

Omnibox in Microsoft Edge Dev

We also have some more support coming like adding custom keyboard shortcuts and badging for the launch icon which allows you to let the user know about important events that you don’t want to display a full notification for.

Web Share Target API - Unlocked

The Web Share Target API allows installed PWAs to register with the underlying OS as a share target to receive shared content from either the Web Share API or system events, like the OS-level share button.

Learn more on Web Share here

What next?

Be sure to have a look at another amazing push for more Web Capabilities by the Google Web Team all in one awesome project directory here

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