New Compassionate Software Engineering Values

This article is a continuation of a previous article I wrote on being a compassionate software engineer and developer here, check it out!

Here are some of those new "coolest" compassionate software engineering values you need to have and champion for.

1. Humility, Ego

You need to relate well with others, ready to listen and care about them as you build stuff. Whether a senior or a junior developer, you need to appreciate each other's efforts to grow and always be ready to share what you know or ask help and guide on what you don't know. Be ready to help and get helped.

2. Inclusion, Elitism

Let's care about everyone. Experience level for example, should never be a barrier to us relating well with each other or how we work in an engineering team but a learning path; and always appreciate all those inputs, however little they might be; from everyone.

3. Cooperation, Competition

Instead of trying to prove how cool or smart each one of us is, let's team up! That makes more sense than trying to prove how best we can do things than person a,b..Z

4. Learning, Being "Smart"

We are all learning daily in everything we do. So that means as much as you may look or is a "smart" engineer, focus on getting better each day.

April Wensel - "Instead of being smart, let's focus on learning… "

5. Being A Mentor, Being A Rockstar

Use your skills to help others. And this value cuts across all the rest and everything I just discussed above. Be it open source, speaking at conferences teaching others to how code and much more.

Do not forget about your well being

To wrap up, you actually also need to be compassionate about yourself and love what you do. Enjoy it.

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