Building Progressive Web Apps With PWA Fire Developer Resources

What's This is an awesome open source project and devsite for web developers interested in learning or are building progressive web apps run by myself and @martaw_pl.

​1. Getting started

If you have done some pretty cool stuff with web apps using basic html and javascript, then you are good to go. The starter page gives you an overview of the pwafire bundle and how to get started.

What makes a Progresive Web App? To build one, we write a json and a javascript file. Which are namely Web Manifest and Service Worker respectively.

Service Worker : allows you to add all these native features - things like installation (add-to-homescreen), push notifications, share, web payments, offline, background sync among others.

Web Manifest : allows you to add web app information like the icons that you want to be used, the description of your web app, the short name to be used on the home screen for instance or on the start menu.

2. What features can you build?

To help you get an overview of what amazing features you can build and what features are supported on your favourite browser, we have built a PWA Browser Test Tool to get you started.

3. Any starter codelab(s)?

Whoa! Because we love you, we have authored pretty enough codelabs to get you started implementing some of the most in-demand features in this codelabs directory.

4. More developer resources?

Aha, so for you to understand the basic and core tenet of Progressive Web Apps, we have some cool devdocs in our developer resources directory with a deep dive and also includes some latest and future features coming on the web platfrom.

Some of the amazing pwadev tips or things you need before embarking on this exciting experience with dev guide is installing tools like latest versions of chrome web browser, lighthouse, web server for chrome and later try firebase hosting.

With all these amazing features coming to the web with progressive web apps, security becomes paramount. For things like web payments and more of such native capabilities, progressive web apps require a secure hosting.

5. Introducing Progressive Web User Interface

When thinking about Progressive Web Apps think of the entitre app cylce. From how you deliver resources at your backend to how the app looks like when the user interacts with it.

We are working to fill the UI gap in a our new project called Jenga Library. Jenga will allow you to build amazing user interfaces for your progressive web apps. We have an awesome dev doc about it here.

6. Open source? Can I contribute?

Yeah! Yeah! We are so much open source and there is alot you can contribute to the entire project as a contributor or as a codelab author. Even speaking at events and giving a blurb or inviting us to speak at your events.

If you wish to curate a codelab for instance, we have a starter codelab boilerplate, go ahead, fork it on Github and curate your codelab; on review, we shall publish it here asap!

And that's all! At, we are super excited that we have been able to reach awesome web developers in-person in 5 countries; Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Poland, India and now heading to Sri Lanka and United Kingdom for Angular Connect 2019 with @martaw_pl as a speaker.

Got any question? You wanna have a chat? Hit my inbox on twitter asap 😉