March 29 2019 [ PART ONE ]

Being A Compassionate Software Developer And Engineer

I came a cross this amazing talk by April Wensel through Anthony Kiplimo and I was like, wow, this is really cool.

This is what we all need in the tech industry; and most importantly best for software engineers and developers to adopt out there.

I am going to share my thoughts based on my "little" experience in the software engineering space and tips I grabbed from April's talk.

adjective: compassionate : feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.

Technology is about people. And that's what matters. What this means then, is that, Technology aims at making other people's lives better. And that's what compassion is all about.

As a software enginneer, you need to always think about and show concern to everything around you. And that means your learning path, people around you; be it your teammates, family or friends and the people(users) you are building that amazing software product for.

Show compassion for example in how you write code. This includes how you name variables, comment you code and even document it. When you do this, you're making it easier for your future reference and people who would look at your code. This shows how caring you are. And that's compassion.

When reviewing other people's code, do it with compassion. You get an error or a bad writing pattern, help compassionately. Appreciate their little effort and help them grow.

If you are building a software product that for example involes collecting data from your users, you need to do that the right way. You have to respect people's privacy and not exploit it. You have to care.

You don't use their data for "malicious gains". And this has been an issue for the last one year with companies like Facebook and Google being questioned.

As a senior team lead for example, when you are trying to adopt new languages or say javascript libraries you need to do it while caring about what everyone's interests are in your team. You just don't bang your team with this really "cool" things.

To wrap up, you actually also need to be compassionate about yourself and love what you do. Enjoy it. Forget about what people are saying or would say about your progress and that "old" programming language you might be using to write code.

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