Who's Maye Edwin?

Maye Edwin is a Software Developer, Blogger, Teacher and Speaker. Passionate about Software Engineering, Developer Communities and Teaching others. Loves the Web; HTML, CSS and JS. Nerdy with Web Performance, Accessibility and Progressive Web Apps.

Minimal bio for "anything Web" event

Maye is a nerdy web developer creating speedy apps and loves and does stuff with web perf, a11y, pwas, semantic web, teaching others and writing alot on different web technologies. He writes code in es6, html5 and css3!

Tech speaking

Maye has spoken globally (East Africa, Southern Africa and the United States of America) about Technology and Software Engineering in various conferences invited by companies such as Google. His passion for Technology and its Possibilities has seen him being invited globally to share his knowledge and skills. He's passionate about sharing his skills and love for the Web and Opensource.

Community involvement

Community Organizer for 👉 GDG Eldoret and the amazing annual 👉 DevFest Rift Valley.

Coding / engineering

Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Firebase. About to release a Frontend Development approach dubbed 👉 Jenga inspired by 👉 this idea.

Open-source contribution

Started contributing to Mozilla Web Docs and Firebase. View 👉 Projects directory here.